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Flow Wrapping Machines

Pactech flow wrappers are fully electronic and controlled by a powerful industrial PC and managed by a colour touch screen interface with an intuitive menu. Our wide range of machinery is composed of flow wrapper machines with top reel, bottom reel, top and bottom reel.

We also design and manufacture feeding systems to offer complete packaging lines to our customers with the highest quality and reliability in conjunction with our flow wrapper machines.

Features and Advantages

1. High Speed.br
2. No Product No Pouch.br
3. High Accuracy.br
4. No wastage of film due to extra servo drive.br
5. Machine suitable for single /multiple products. br
6. Accommodates wide range of sizes.br
7. Film rolls feeding from top or bottom depending on the weight, size and shape of the product.br
8. Variety in fin and end seal patterns.

Wrap regular products, for low or medium production runs, with manual, semiautomatic or automatic feeding and multiple format changes. Cantilever design, Modular construction, High flexibility & Performance, Ease of operation & Changeover, Low maintenance cost and full electronic control, are the main features of this model of wrapping machine.

This common platform has been used to develop multiple configurations that combined with a wide range of available accessories allow the Pack 90 to be adapted to many different products as well as to the most demanding requirements in all kind of production environments.

Our large experience also enables us to offer a wide number of accessories and feeding systems for the greatest variety of different products.