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TUBE LABELLING Labeling machine

Machine description: pm 30/60 tu15 fully automated tube labelling machine to apply self adhesive label on tubes.

FEATURES: Machine is designed in such away that the operation will be very smooth with high speed and suitable for tube of variable sizes.
1. Machine are build with S.S.304.
2. Auto Loading and Unloading System can be provided.
3. Machine can be customized as per customer requirement.
4. Auto Indexing of tubes for Labelling.
5. Pneumatic system for auto Loading and Ejection.

The PM 30/60 TU150 is one of the user Friendly and maintenance free model with speed of 30BPM to 60BPM depending on product size and label Size.

MODEL :PM 30/60 TU15
MOC : S.S.304.
SPEED : 80 TO 60 BPM.
MACHINE DIMENSION :1500mm L X 870mm W X 1650mm H.